Wired Kings Custom Poker Tables
Wired Kings Custom Poker Tables
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Wired Kings provides luxurious custom poker tables at affordable prices. Whether you're looking for a lighthearted game with family and friends or for serious competition, a custom table is the perfect centerpiece.

Wired Kings lets you develop your table from the cloth down. Set the tone with flashy patterns or refined woodwork. Spare no detail and give your table all the character you can imagine!

The Wired Kings Process:

We have two fundamental values at the core of our business — custom and quality.

A Wired Kings table is truly your table, unique from all others. We work with you personally to customize each and every element to ensure the end result is everything you want it to be. A Wired Kings table will be the appropriate size and color scheme for your space. With our custom graphics, your cloth will reflect your personality. As each table is created to your particular specifications, you can count on exceptional attention to detail.

Wired Kings proudly uses high-quality materials manufactured and distributed in the United States. All elements used in the creation of your table are meticulously inspected. We won't deliver a product that we wouldn't be proud to have in our own homes.



Company Background:
Wired Kings is a small family company based in northwest Indiana founded and operated by president David Vandas and partners Kevin and Joseph Vandas.

Wired Kings proudly partners with local not-for-profit organizations and participates in charity events.

Please call 1-877-POKER30 for details or send us a message through our CONTACT PAGE.

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